Raja Ampat Trip Guide


Upon arrival in Sorong, one of our drivers and crew will be expecting you at the airport’s arrival hall holding a white board with the Neptune Liveaboards logo on it.

After shaking hands, you will embark on a short car trip to the port where you will board your liveaboard, Neptune One.


Must Have Documents

Travel in Indonesia:

  • Passport
  • Vaccine Certificate

Required for Diving:

  • Diver Certification
  • Diving Insurance


Please ensure to fill in and complete the guest form on our management portal – Click here

Know before you go

What to bring on board

What do I need to pack?

Personal toiletries, diving gear if you choose so ( equipment rental is available on board), summer and swimming attire, photography equipment if this is your thing, and any other personal belongings you personally require of which you are travel dependent.

What kind of wetsuit do I need?

Typically a 3mm wetsuit will be sufficient. Water temperatures vary anywhere between 27 and 29 degrees Celsius / 80 – 84 F.

What dive gear should I bring?

Like most divers, you might want to bring your full set equipment if possible. However, we provide equipment rental which you can pre-order at an extra cost.

What safety gear do you provide divers?

All our divers receive for free Nautilus LifeLine Diver GPS. However, we recommend all divers to purchase or rent an SMB as well.

What is your alcohol policy?

Guests are not allowed to bring their own alcoholic beverages due to significant high risk to their own lives and to the lives of the other divers in the group.

Alcohol consumption is allowed on board and we provide a great selection of beer, wine and spirits. Take note though that intoxicated divers are not permitted to dive during any of the dives of that particular day.

Travel Information

Is my passport needed?

Yes, of course. Your passport also must have a minimum of 6 months validity on entry into Republic of Indonesia.

Do I need a visa to enter Indonesia?

Very few countries require a visa to enter Indonesia. On standard, Visa On Arrival (VOA) can be received at the port of entry into the country. We can provide visa assistance if necessary and requested during the boking process and in due time.

Do I need dive insurance?

Yes, it is also mandatory to be able to join our liveaboard. If you don’t know how to purchase one, we can assist with providing diving insurance through our partner DiveAssure.

Click here to purchase your DiveAssure diving insurance or travel & dive insurance package.

When should I fly in?

Most of the guests arrive in the morning or the latest at noon on the check-in date. Arriving a day prior to the check-in date is also possible and booking a night stay at a local hotel.

Do you provide airport/hotel transfer to and from the boat?

Yes, we are delighted to ensure that once you arrive at the destination we will take care of absolutely all the necessities to embark and disembark without hassle.

Related Information

Sorong Airport

Domine Eduard Osok Airport Sorong

Your gateway to Sorong is the airport named Domine Eduard Osok Airport Sorong (SOQ). To embark on our Raja Ampat trips, you must arrive here. We will organise the airport transfer to the vessel and back upon departure.

Drone View

Port of embarkation

In Raja Ampat you will be embarking and disembarking your liveaboard in Sorong Port. It is located approximately 30 minutes away from the Sorong airport.

In rare circumstances embarkation may be necessary in Waisai depending on frequently adjusted local regulations.

Diving Insurance

Most frequent questions

What time does the boat return to the port?

Our itinerary is designed in such a way that we always return to the port early in the morning on the check-out date. We cross and cruise during the night reaching our disembarkation port long before sunrise.

Do you have storm policy?

We recommend to purchase travel insurance as it covers force majeure cancellations. We will provide assistance with any documentation requested by the insurance company. Our partner DiveAssure provides excellent travel and diving insurance packages. 

Can you accommodate special dietary restrictions?

Yes we can. We are prepared to assist with any dietary restriction and we strongly recommend to inform us prior to embarking on the liveaboard.

However, it is unlikely that we will be able to honor special requests outside traditional restrictions or preferences such as: vegetarian, vegan, lactose intolerance, gluten-free, low sugar, quasi-kosher and quasi-halal.

What is not included in the liveaboard price?

  • Single Occupancy Requests (75% surcharge)
  • Park Fees (USD 200 per person per trip) / Triton Bay – Raja Ampat (USD 250 per person per trip)
  • NITROX (USD 15 per day or USD 8 per tank)
  • Gratuities (Recommended USD 15 per day)
  • Diving Equipment Rental (if requested)
  • Private Dive Guide (if requested)

Equipment Rental

Fins USD 5 / day
Boots USD 5 / day
Mask USD 5 / day
3mm wetsuit USD 5 / day
SMB Free Of Charge
Package (BCD, Regulator, Fins, Boots, Mask, Wetsuit) USD 35 / day
BCD USD 10 / day
Regulator USD 10 / day
Dive Computer (Suunto Zoop) USD 10 / day
Flashlight (Torch) USD 5 / day
15L Tanks USD 5 / day

A note about gratuities

We have built and designed our liveaboard in the image and kindness of how we would like to be treated and what we would like to experience on a liveaboard.

We sincerely hope that from the first hello to the moment we say “see you soon”, we have managed to leave you with a feeling of great satisfaction, friendship and a big bubble of positive energy, knowing that we have truly done our best.

Gratuities or tips as diferent cultures call it, vary in different parts of the world. In the industry of liveaboard diving, it is customary and expected to leave a gratuity if you believe the service was good, up to your expectations or extraordinary.

Gratuities are a very personal feeling but for perspective, most guests leave anything between 3 and 5% of the trip price. Whatever you provide will be significantly appreciated and shared equally by the crew.

In the end, we thrive on your feedback and personally I am always greatful for any feedback about your experience with us. This might sound in many ways to different ears but both myself and my partners truly follow through each and every feedback, positive or negative… especially the negative ones, as we have always done in Neptune Scuba Diving in Bali as well.

Thank you for choosing us for your dive vacation!

With respect and appreciation,


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