Komodo is on the top of the list of any advanced diver who is going on liveaboards around the world. Particularly for liveaboards in Indonesia, Komodo is without a doubt in the top 3 most popular liveaboard destinations.

Before starting the list of best dive sites for liveaboards in Komodo, it’s worth mentioning all of Komodo’s dive sites are simply stunning in every way. Each dive site has it’s own beauty and highlight, starting from majestic Manta Rays to White Tip Reef Sharks hunting through the schools of pelagic.

Batu Bolong

Liveaboards In Komodo

Batu Bolong is perhaps Komodo’s most famous dive site and for a very good reason. The coral reef here is simply amazing and definitely something you have never seen before or perhaps unlikely to ever see again.

Imagine the most beautiful colorful, and full of life coral reef and even then you will not come close to how Batu Bolong truly is. It is a mind blowing forever to be remembered dive.

But as beautiful as it is, Batu Bolong is also a dangerous dive site in Komodo, primarily because of the currents. Often the currents here are so strong, even the large boats have trouble moving around. You can do a simple search on Youtube for Batu Bolong strong currents and you will see what we mean.

This is why diving in Batu Bolong is very dependent on precise timing. Go there too early or too late and you might find yourself in a difficult situation. Dive there at the right time and it will be the best dive of your life.

It is without a doubt the best dive site Liveaboards in Komodo have to offer.


Shotgun is yet another famous dive spot for liveaboards in Komodo. It’s known as a crazy drift dive but in truth, Shotgun is a diamond for adventurous divers.

Experience a nice drift moving between coral reefs, and once arriving at the famous shotgun point, you will feel the sudden speed hitting you from the back and blasting you forward like in an amusement park.

Manta Rays often hang around here and they often seen just after the shotgun point.

A must do dive site when doing liveaboards in Komodo, that is for sure.

Crystal Rock

You can’t think of liveaboards in Komodo and not mention Crystal Rock. You simply can’t.

Currents here can often be strong so only advanced divers are recommended to join but when you start seeing the reef sharks moving around and hunting on the pelagics, you will understand why this dive site is on this list of best dive sites in Komodo.

We can comfortably say that the reef shark encounters here is the highlight of Crystal Rock.

Castle Rock

Similar to Crystal Rock, this dive site has a lot to offer and it’s a must dive during liveaboards in Komodo.

Of course, when we mean similar, Castle Rock also brings strong currents and it’s a dive site suitable exclusively to advanced divers. But is it worth it ? are you kidding me ? you must, you absolutely must dive in Castle Rock.

Overall the dive sites for liveaboards in Komodo are diverse because Komodo National Park has an abundance of dive spots. We can mention several more that are part of any liveaboard going to Komodo: Tatawa Besar, Tatawa Kecil, Manta Point, Siaba, and more.